"Did a great job w/a hard assignment. Solved our problem within a few months and was always accessible. Nice to have someone working for you who does business the old-fashion way, not the Internet way."


"Pam is Ahwatukee! She knows the neighborhood, area access and the culture of this community. She has the unique ability to resolve issues and work with all types of buyers/sellers and their agents. She has the experience, insight and contacts to make subtle changes that will help your house move  in a tight market. Her support team, (John, Ariane and various contractors) work as a fluid team to keep the process moving forward. If you are looking for a home in Ahwatukee, it would be irresponsible to not speak with Pam."


"Pam is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Pam has assisted me with the sale of two of my homes. I was very comfortable from the beginning that she would represent me well in all aspects of the sale. I appreciated her honesty and integrity and would ask her to assist me with the purchase or  sale of my next home."   Cynthia J. Lowe, M.D. 


"This is the second property Pam sold for me. Pam was great to work with. She sold my property extremely fast and for a great price! The process was fast and easy. I would highly recommend her!!!!"


"Pam Eagan is an amazing Real Estate Agent and will work tirelessly for you! She helped me in my search to find the perfect home. She was flexible, patient, & is extremely knowledgeable about the industry. She took the time to research homes that would be a good fit for me ahead of time and was  accommodating of my tight schedule. When I found the perfect home, her years of knowledge and expertise in the industry made a huge difference. She was able to negotiate a great contract, was key in helping me work the through the ever changing loan process, and she and her team were on top of everything through closing. I would highly recommend Pam Eagan if you are looking to purchase a home!"


"Pam has sold myself and my family several homes. When I purchased my first home from her I was not living in the state and she showed me around and really educated me on the area in which I was purchasing. Most of all she made me feel like the new state I was about to move to was home. I would an  have recommended her to other home buyers."


"Pam Eagan is truly a professional in today's real estate world. She keeps her clients, buyers or sellers, in her best interest when dealing with a real estate transaction. Pam is there to guide and work through the entire process through closing of all her deals. (and after if need be) You can  count on her to be there for you as her client. I recommend seeking out Pam Eagan to represent any real estate deals. Pam Eagan "Is the Ahwatukee Foothills" and will represent any other real estate transactions in the Phoenix area."


"Pam Eagan and her staff are excellent! During my first home buying experience Pam was always quick to respond to my questions and provide me with many options from which to choose. She was eager to show me the homes I was interested in, and with so much experience she was able to point out the pros  and cons of each house, allowing me to weigh each on my own. After we made an offer Pam walked me through the entire purchase process, explaining what was happening and what was going to happen next so I was never surprised or overwhelmed. I am looking forward to working with Pam and her lovely staff again when I buy my next house."


"Pam was the real estate agent that sold our rental property in Ahwatukee. She was fabulous - her determination for the sale price was spot on - and she was able to close a sale the week after our tenants moved out. She was unbelievably responsive and the house sold for the sale price. She was  extremely helpful in recommending handymen, etc to take care of details. I would recommend her to anyone."


"I interviewed several realtors before deciding on Pam Eagan to represent my listing. She is highly competent and knowledgeable in her field and I selected her as my agent because she has proven to have the best results in the Ahwatukee market. She was persistent and followed up with every broker  when they toured my home in order to obtain feedback. When I did receive 2 offers at the same time, she reviewed/compared both and recommended the offer that did not have any contingencies. While my home was on the market for a longer time than planned due to a future freeway extension, Pam monitored the situation and made recommendations to change our marketing strategy accordingly. She also provided these rice of her moving truck and referred me to movers for my move. She represented me in the purchase of my new home and based on my criteria found the perfect fit for my needs. I would highly recommend Pam Eagan as a realtor for both selling and purchasing a home."