“I interviewed several realtors before deciding on Pam Eagan to represent my listing. She is highly competent and knowledgeable in her field and I selected her as my agent because she has proven to have the best results in the Ahwatukee market. She was persistent and followed up with every broker  when they toured my home in order to obtain feedback. When I did receive 2 offers at the same time, she reviewed/compared both and recommended the offer that did not have any contingencies. While my home was on the market for a longer time than planned due to a future freeway extension, Pam monitored the situation and made recommendations to change our marketing strategy accordingly. She also provided these rice of her moving truck and referred me to movers for my move. She represented me in the purchase of my new home and based on my criteria found the perfect fit for my needs. I would highly recommend Pam Eagan as a realtor for both selling and purchasing a home.”